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Track Makes it to First Round of CIF

Aileen Franco Reporter for The Silver Script The Track & Field team started off this season hitting the ground running. With the help of Coach Bowers and Coach Fanelli, four track members made it to the first round of CIF “They’ve become leaders and their times have dropped, which is why some of them are

Track Season Is Coming While The Runners Are Preparing For The First League Meet

As the school transitions into spring sports, the track team starts off the season with their second Invitational meet at Moorpark High School to prepare for the first round of CIF’s. The track team has won league for the past two years. Having tasted success, the track team is focused on accomplishing new and bigger

Eat, Sleep, Run

Running for life doesn’t always have to be associated with erratic occurrences. For some, it could just be for leisure pursuits or following someone’s footsteps. Meanwhile, for the track team’s Zantos Vazquez, it’s neither of these things. He was simply inspired and went for it. Along with his energy and focus, he doesn’t fail at

On the Right Track

The members of the Cross Country team at St. Genevieve High School run laps around the school in preparation for their meets this season. Some are jogging, while some are intensely running to beat their time. But a girl with jet black hair in glasses sits on the lunch tables as she watched the team