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Graduation: The Start of a New Chapter

Vanessa Reyes, Reporter for The Silver Script The senior class culminated their final year with graduation making it a night to remember. Family and friends along with faculty and staff gathered in the church to witness the seniors start a new chapter in their lives, on May 19. The ceremony started with a speech from

Prom at the Odyssey

Bryan Banuelos a Reporter for The Silver Script As the spring semester comes to a conclusion, the seniors are only days away from graduation and they have reached some of  highlights of their year.  Many seniors have been looking forward to prom since their freshmen year. Prior to any activities ASB senior class president, Enoch

Graduation Picture Day

Enoch Waiswa a Reporter for The Silver Script The seniors took the first step leading to graduation day by taking their graduation photos on April 5. Although this moment is bittersweet it’s the beginning of a transition into the real world. “The graduation pictures marked the end of my high school chapter and moving onto new

Valiants Going Different Routes After Graduation

Catherine Smith, Reporter for The Silver Script Sami Knecht is a scholastic tour de force. A current member of the cross country team, former clarinet player for the marching band, and a participant in four AP classes throughout her high school career, she is a strong candidate for acceptance to the nation’s top universities. “My

Tips for Surviving your First Year of College

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter for the Silver Script Whether you are entering as a first generation college student or not, the transition from high school to college can be difficult; here are some tips to help you get by.   Prior to your first day at school, visit the campus during the summer to get a

Once Upon a Prom

Alexis Pelayo Reporter for The Silver Script Anticipation built up as prom neared for the seniors of Saint Genevieve High School. On April 29, the seniors, along with some underclassmen and students from other schools came together at the Skirball Museum during the evening to celebrate the seniors last dance before graduation in the weeks

SG Seniors Advance in Lions Club Speech Contest

During the annual Lions club speech contest five seniors  competed, but only two students, Dolly Ding and Joelana Despard,  made it through the first round, earning them some money, and the chance to win more. The Lions Club Speech Contest is an annual contest currently in its 79th year. It gives students the opportunity to

Miguel Garcia: “Stay Together, Play Together”

Through sweat, hard work, and determination, senior Miguel Garcia has transformed from from a child with a football to the prestigious Scholar-Athlete Award winner, selected by our principal, counselor, and coach. This award is given to players who have exhibited exemplary performances on both the field and at school. Miguel Garcia has been playing football

Panorama City Today, Tokyo Tomorrow

227 students from 109 different schools, but only two students were chosen to be a LA Times correspondent in the Discover Asia Correspondent Competition.  Senior Sonny Jefferson will be taking her dream trip to  Tokyo, Japan as she documents her trip for the LA Times.  . She will be exploring many cultures and bringing everyone