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Hidden Figures Field Trip

Vanessa Reyes Reporter for The Silver Script The freshmen along with upperclassmen in Ethnic Studies went on a field trip  to watch the movie Hidden Figures on Thursday, February 9th. “ I wanted to take my freshmen students to see Hidden Figures, because I think it’s important for them to know about the contributions of

Homecoming Day 6

It was that time of year again where Saint Genevieve Parish Schools paraded down Roscoe Boulevard for its annual Homecoming Parade. Students and faculty were in high spirits as each class began their day building floats and later showing off that Valiant Spirit to Panorama City. The parade was a great end to yet another

Homecoming Day 5

The annual seven days of homecoming festivities at St. Genevieve High School once again took place during the week of October 19-25. The annual powder puff game and cheer-off, homecoming mass and homily delivered by guest speaker Darryl Strawberry took place on Friday. For the first event, all four grade levels piled into the corners

Homecoming Day 2: The Competition Continues

A bright, white-lit gym on a sunny Tuesday afternoon filled the place with heavy loud screams and people wearing various kinds of clothing. The second day of Homecoming week started off with small class hours, and generous activity hours. The day’s activities included music practice, flower power hour, and extreme musical chairs. The Valiants headed

Homecoming day 1: Starting the week off right

Kicking off homecoming week with flash mobs and tug of war was a success and had everyone at the edge of their seats to see who will win. The gym was filled with valiant spirit as everyone supported their class through the chaos of it all. Faculty and students were pumped to start the first

Balance and Find Yourself Again

Many times life becomes a drag and pinpointing to events and people that have left a negative impact seems to be the only way out of this funk. Retreats, however, guide a person to a better, stronger path that leaves lasting effects on the person and the people around them. As years have progressed, teenagers

New Changes in the School

After many memorable years at St. Genevieve High School, Mr. Bernard Torres will no longer be teaching Sophomore Religion next school year in order to move on to bigger and better things. Although he will no longer be a teacher at the high school, Torres will still be a part of St. Genevieve as he

Homecoming Day 2: Groovy Tuesday

The second day of homecoming week started with a bunch of different kinds of outfits. There were groups of students who were wearing christmas outfits on a bright October day, very fancy suits, stylish clothes, and some just wearing pajamas that make them look like they’re sick. Compared to the first day, the second day’s

The Freshmen Dance: A Place to Let it Glow

Adrian Gomez, Reporter for the Silver Script Every year Saint Genevieve high school holds a freshmen dance to let the freshmen class have a great time with other freshmen and upperclassmen. This year one could see the many timid freshmen and could feel the bittersweet aura radiating off of the seniors. Not all the freshmen