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The New ASB Leaders

Aileen Franco Reporter for The Silver Script Featuring the most candidates that St. Genevieve has had in a long time, the school has elected a new ASB team for the upcoming school year. Elizabeth Sotoj, ASB’s moderator since 2013, was pleasantly surprised by the candidates who ran. “I have been blessed with being able to

The King and I

Fatima Hernandez a Reporter for The Silver Script  The King and I was St. Genevieve’s first revival of a musical and was performed on April 6, 7, and 8. The musical was revived to introduce alumni to the Inspirational Building in hopes that they will join the campaign. The King and I features a British school

Prom at the Odyssey

Bryan Banuelos a Reporter for The Silver Script As the spring semester comes to a conclusion, the seniors are only days away from graduation and they have reached some of  highlights of their year.  Many seniors have been looking forward to prom since their freshmen year. Prior to any activities ASB senior class president, Enoch

Open House at St. Genevieve High School

Jesus Perez a reporter for The Silver Script   Open House, the  Saturday school tradition, was continued this year with a visit from prospective parents and students coming from different middle and elementary schools. Counselors, coaches, and teachers were all in attendance and available for inquiries during the event. Each academic department had its own

Homecoming Day 1: Chants, Tug-of-War, and Relay Races

Vanessa Reyes Reporter for The Silver Script Homecoming day one was full of excitement and many activities. Students and faculty dressed up according to each grade’s alliterations. The activities of the day consisted of class chants, elementary school relay races, freeze dance, and tug-o-war. “My favorite part was when the high school and the elementary

Once Upon a Prom

Alexis Pelayo Reporter for The Silver Script Anticipation built up as prom neared for the seniors of Saint Genevieve High School. On April 29, the seniors, along with some underclassmen and students from other schools came together at the Skirball Museum during the evening to celebrate the seniors last dance before graduation in the weeks

Combined, But Don’t Mix

Just a little bit over a year ago, St. Genevieve Parish Schools was born. Prior to that, there were two separate campuses, the elementary school and the high school.  Although they shared the same pastor, they had separate administration and separate activities. Now that these two campuses have combined, some view it as a blessing

Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple: Senior Field Trip

From the busy streets of Panorama City to the peaceful landscape of Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, the seniors of Saint Genevieve took a day off from school to learn more about this world religion last Tuesday, November 10. Senior World Religion teachers, Mr. Yumul and Mr. Dinkha, brought all of their religion

Saint Genevieve High School Open House

Alexis Pelayo Reporter for The Silver Script     Saint Genevieve High School hosted a student oriented open house with Valiants who performed and welcomed potential students and their families into their home. The Valiant community came together to showcase all the programs the school has to offer. Those involved included the marching band, the