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Christine Moore: Baking Her Way to Her Dream

Aileen Franco a Reporter for The Silver Script The latest speaker  of St. Genevieve’s speaker series was Christine Moore, owner of The Little Flower Cafe in Pasadena. The stands were full when Christine began her speech. Christine spoke about how she began her journey with nothing, but ended up having her dreams come true, all while staying

Awards Night

After nearly a whole school year consisting of piles of assignments, tedious essays, and sleepless nights, the students of St. Genevieve High School and middle school students were recognized with awards for their hard work. On April 27, 2015, St. Genevieve held a night school dedicated to the students that have been working effortlessly throughout

An Anointed Moment With Paul Kim

The Saint Genevieve community gathered in the newly remodeled gym for yet another anointed moment on November 14, 2014. Paul J. Kim visited Saint Genevieve high school with his funny jokes, musical talents, and good word of the Lord.  The night started with Paul Kim showing his musical talent. Kim can beatbox, rap, and sing.

Of Hopes and Comfort: Justin Fatica

The current Executive Director of Hard as Nails Ministries, Justin Fatica has impacted over one million people and counting ( With his tour coming to an end, he has visited St. Genevieve High School for the fourth time. On Thursday, October 23rd, Fatica went by the school’s theme Life’s Anointed Moments as his main subject.