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Super Bowl Sunday: A fearful day for relationships?

For some men and women, being around a partner who has had one too many drinks while watching the Super Bowl can lead to a brutal nightmare. With such cases increasing, the most anticipated Sundays of the year is now widely believed to hold the title of having the highest rates of domestic violence. Super

Miss Universe: Honest Mistake or Publicity Stunt?

In the aftermath of the Miss Universe pageant on December 20, 2015, in which Steve Harvey announced the wrong queen, the Miss Universe Organization has been under fire as some believe the incident wasn’t an honest mistake but a publicity stunt. However, these conspiracy theories are completely ridiculous. During the previously-owned Donald Trump beauty contest,

Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple: Senior Field Trip

From the busy streets of Panorama City to the peaceful landscape of Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, the seniors of Saint Genevieve took a day off from school to learn more about this world religion last Tuesday, November 10. Senior World Religion teachers, Mr. Yumul and Mr. Dinkha, brought all of their religion

Plugged into technology, Tuned out from the world

Technology has improved tremendously and has become an easy access for teens who now find it horrible to live without it. But why have teens become so addicted to it? That may not be their fault because over the years the improvement of technology has made it  a major necessity in the world. Anything you

Balance and Find Yourself Again

Many times life becomes a drag and pinpointing to events and people that have left a negative impact seems to be the only way out of this funk. Retreats, however, guide a person to a better, stronger path that leaves lasting effects on the person and the people around them. As years have progressed, teenagers

FIFA Scandal

FIFA Scandal By Brian Hernandez, Reporter for the Silver Script What Exactly happened to FIFA? Five FIFA officials as well as nine other individuals were arrested in a hotel, in Switzerland. They were gathered ahead of the upcoming Presidential Election for FIFA. Charges include bevy of corruption charges: bribery, racketeering, fraud, money laundering, obstruction of

Animal Exploitation Crisis

Planning a trip to attend Seaworld or the Circus may sound like a perfect plan for a family or group of friends during the summer. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to this seemingly perfect activity. Many animals at Seaworld and the Circus are mistreated, forced to do tricks for human entertainment and kept in

Being an International Student

Moving is hard. Moving to a different country is even harder. However, moving to another country regarding an education is commonly heard of. At St. Genevieve High School, there are many students who come from different countries to study in the United States. This may be because students strive for a better education than the

Teacher Prom Stories

With the school year coming to an end and in the midst of the seniors’ near departure, Prom season was already here. With the usual dresses, tuxedos, and corsages including limos, it was what the seniors were anticipating. Many asked others to prom, some were accepted but a few invitations were also rejected. However, have