Your guide to actually doing things over Summer

Your guide to actually doing things over Summer

You don’t have to go far to have a great Summer. Discover places in your hometown of L.A. Hollywood Sign Hike Trial One of the first places you should visit this Summer More »

Track Season Is Coming While The Runners Are Preparing For The First League Meet

Track Season Is Coming While The Runners Are Preparing For The First League Meet

As the school transitions into spring sports, the track team starts off the season with their second Invitational meet at Moorpark High School to prepare for the first round of CIF’s. The More »

Boy’s Baseball Team: Starting off with a bang!

Boy’s Baseball Team: Starting off with a bang!

Batter up! Saint Genevieve has made the transition from winter to spring season sports. The boy’s baseball team started the season off by playing their first league game against Bosco Tech on More »

Scholars Among Us

Scholars Among Us

Kiana Archey, reporter for The Silver Script This coming summer is going to be more than just a vacation from school for three juniors who have exhibited academic excellence.Current juniors, Jordan Blackman, More »

SG Seniors Advance in Lions Club Speech Contest

SG Seniors Advance in Lions Club Speech Contest

During the annual Lions club speech contest five seniors  competed, but only two students, Dolly Ding and Joelana Despard,  made it through the first round, earning them some money, and the chance More »


Celebration for Next Year’s Leaders

  At the last night school of the school year, the Valiants came together to anoint the incoming seniors as they take on the role to be leaders. The gym was packed as everyone gathered together as one on this special night.           During the mass, Father Alden and Mr. Horn spoke

Egypt Air flight MS804


There were 56 passengers and 10 crew members on flight MS804 going from Charles de Gaulle, Paris to Cairo, Egypt. The plane was initially thought to have gone missing after it lost contact on the radar at around 2:39 am on May 19th, over the Mediterranean Sea just North of Egypt. A few days later,

Off to a Fresh Start


Vanessa Salazar Reporter for The Silver Script As the school year comes to an end and finals approach, it’s time to say goodbye to the seniors as they begin the new chapter into their lives and enter into the lives of  college freshman. On Friday night, friends and family anxiously waited for the doors to open

Helping Mother Nature

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Christalle Cid Reporter for The Silver Script   This year for Earth Day, students were able to sign up for the traditional activities, like cleaning and hiking, but also were able to help in several elementary schools around the San Fernando Valley. It has been a  tradition at Saint Genevieve High School for over eight

Tips for Surviving your First Year of College


Adriana Sanchez, Reporter for the Silver Script Whether you are entering as a first generation college student or not, the transition from high school to college can be difficult; here are some tips to help you get by.   Prior to your first day at school, visit the campus during the summer to get a

What Does Music Say About You

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By Sonny Jefferson A Reporter for The Silver Script The music you listen to reveals a lot about your personality telling people whether you  are an empathizer, someone who is able to understand feelings in others and in themselves, or a systemizer, a person who is able to identify the patterns and systems that are

Papa Hemingway in Cuba


Alani Romero reporter for The Silver Script The first American movie to be filmed in Cuba in 50 years, Papa Hemingway in Cuba, is based on a true story where a young journalist who idolizes Ernest Hemingway is given the chance to meet him. The film also takes place during the Cuban Revolution. The story

Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches And More

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By Nikki Rodriguez | Reporter for The Silver Script 4.75/5 Starting as a pop up business catering only to selective events, Churro Borough has developed into a full fledged dessert shop in Los Feliz where they specialize in churro ice cream sandwiches. In addition to the most popular item on their menu, they also serve

Once Upon a Prom

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Alexis Pelayo Reporter for The Silver Script Anticipation built up as prom neared for the seniors of Saint Genevieve High School. On April 29, the seniors, along with some underclassmen and students from other schools came together at the Skirball Museum during the evening to celebrate the seniors last dance before graduation in the weeks